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Neigborhoods of Marie Byrd City

The Uptown and Downtown Waterfronts

The Uptown and Downtown Waterfronts are a historic neighborhood and where much of the city's naval traffic come to port. It is an industrial and busy neighborhood. In the neighborhood is an industrial factory area colloquially refered to as "The Forge" where minerals are processed and goods are manufactured. It's closeness to the ports provides for convenient shipping.

Garibaldi's Ridge

Garibaldi's Ridge is a large district that encompasses much of the northern shores of MBC. It encompasses many smaller neighborhoods and districts including The Tenderloin, an illegal red light and lower class entertainment district. MBC's Finest have been trying to bust those operating in the tenderloin but to no avail as the SLA, a violent street gang, defend all prostitutes and illegal gambling houses in the area. Some other areas include the Angmar Market, a large market district, and Japantown, a must see for tourists. Most other areas in the city are affordable residential areas with megabuildings and high rise apartments. Garabaldi's Ridge property near the coast can be expensive as the coast is the warmest part of town.

Crane East and West and the Corporate and Government Plazas

Crane East and West, named for the great founder of Marie Byrd City, are neighborhoods encircling the Corporate and Government plazas. The Crane neighbohoods are where the rich work, live, and party, a place where the streets are warmed and it feels like summer all year long. Of course, you dont have to be rich to enter, but it helps to have some money on hand in case you want to go to Crane's many many clubs. The Corporate and Government plazas are pretty self explanitory, but the mausoleum of William Crane in Government Plaza is a good spot for tourists.

The Hoxley and Nansenburg Neighborhoods

The Hoxley and Nansenburg neighborhoods are Lower class to Lower Middle Class neighborhoods near the Waterfront neighborhoods.

Entertainment District

The Entertinment District is a legally operating district that operates on the southeast coast. It ranges from family entertainment to adult entertainment and casinos Inside the district are "simulated environments" which MBC residents may vacation in to beat the frost.

Little Saigon

Little Saigon is a mostly South Asian/Jewish neighborhood in the south of MBC. It is mostly poor and crime ridden, though there is some beautiful South Asian architecture and the city's first Synagogue.

West MBC

West MBC is the neighborhood across the bridge from the main city. It is mostly residential, but an unsafe portion has recently been taken over by the booster gang known as the Monkeys. A national guard deployment is expected to appear soon to deal with the troubles.

Outside the Developed Areas Of The City

The Scrapyard

The Scrapyard is an incredibly poor neighborhood where the poor workers strip old ships for anything of value.


Shantytown is a similar area to the scrapyard, but it is lived in mostly by nomads who use the old ships as homes and businesses.